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We represent businesses across their entire life cycle, from entity formation to dissolution or succession planning. Perry Law has addressed these issues over a wide variety of industries including agriculture, banking, construction, manufacturing, retail and more.


Unfortunately, some businesses will end up filing for bankruptcy. The troubles don’t stop there though, as they will soon find out that bankruptcy is a very complex and difficult area of the law to navigate. Let our professionals guide you through the process. Mark B. Perry, the founder of the firm who is an AV rated attorney by Martindale Hubbell, is certified in creditors’ rights and has over 25 years representing creditors from large fortune 500 companies to local small businesses.  Trevor L. Hart has represented creditors for over 15 years in all aspects of the bankruptcy process.  In addition, Shane K. Warner has a business bankruptcy certification with the American Board of Certification. Mr. Warner has represented both debtors and creditors in several bankruptcies including Chapter 11 reorganizations.  Our attorneys are experienced in all facets of a case, which include preparing proofs of claims, attending debtor(s)’ exams, representation of creditors in Chapter 11 reorganizations, adversary proceedings and collecting payments. Several of our attorneys are members of the American Bankruptcy Institute, an organization dedicated to the research, education and understanding of the bankruptcy process.

Business Startup, Financing and Governance

Business formation and governance are some of the most exciting times in a business and its principals’ lives. However, it can also be some of the most daunting times as well. Perry Law can help alleviate some of those burdens so that you can focus on generating revenues rather than dealing with paperwork. We’ll tailor a strategy that fits your business’ needs factoring industry concerns, long term goals and the market. Perry Law also has experience addressing officer and director liability, drafting business plans, preparing private placement memorandums under securities laws and more. Contact us for a free consultation regarding your needs and our new business checklist.

Business Succession or Sale

Are you looking to sell your company? Do you want to transfer it to your children? We have a wide breadth of experience representing companies in selling or transferring their interests across a variety of vehicles.

Creditors’ Rights

Our firm is proficient in all three of the major areas of creditors’ rights – workout/restructuring, litigation and collection. For workouts and restructuring, we can handle credit modification packages, assignments, forbearance agreements, short sales, deeds in lieu of foreclosure and additional strategies. For litigation, we can work towards a money judgment, foreclosure judgment, writ of replevin and more. And for collection, we help identify assets and their location and effective methods of collection. Our practice also includes several tangential issues, such as domesticating foreign judgments.

Employment Law

Our attorneys advise from preventative strategies to damage mitigation on a wide variety of employment law topics including compliance programs, employment agreements, handbooks, independent contractors, personnel policies and terminations.


The first step for many is to determine if a franchise is even right for your needs. If it is, Perry Law can help bring that dream to life. We’ve reviewed franchise agreements, licensing arrangements, registrations, training programs, compliance practices and more.

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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation represents the measure of last resort in our judicial system. It is also one of the most complex areas in our judicial system. Not surprisingly, civil litigation encompasses a myriad of strategic issues that we help navigate on behalf of our clients. Through the many phases of litigation, our offices help identify the proper parties and claims to a lawsuit, allegations, defenses, judgments and collection. Our attorneys have tried a wide variety of cases, including bench and jury trials, state and federal, and general and complex business. Our offices will always discuss the possibility of trying a case on an hourly, contingent, flat fee or mixed basis.

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Elder Law

As we age we all begin wondering whether we will have enough savings to cover long-term care issues should they arise. No individual deserves to be left by themselves The biggest problem is that people do not plan for the inevitable. The cost of health care and long-term care or nursing home costs are sky rocketing. With appropriate planning we can help devise a plan that allows you to live out your retirement according to your terms. Shane Warner of Perry Law regularly participates in community sponsored events for the Alzheimers Association and the Better Living for Seniors organization.

Estate Administration

After a loved one passes can be one of the most confusing and difficult times in a family’s life. Completing the tasks that are necessary to properly administer the estate can be a daunting task. Perry Law can take this burden off of your shoulders. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact our office for a more in-depth consultation and checklist.

Estate Planning and Probate

Perry Law Offices focuses on assisting clients develop comprehensive strategies to reduce tax burdens, Medicare and Medicaid planning, protect assets and plan for retirement. We have access to the newest laws and expertise in preparing the most comprehensive estate plan to fit your budget and goals. Our office focuses on the global estate plan by drafting wills, living wills (a/k/a healthcare directives), trusts (including advanced trusts like GRITs, GRATs and trusts for those with special needs), powers of attorney and other strategies to effectively meet your goals.

Medicaid Applications and Planning

The first thing you need when planning for Medicaid is information. The toughest thing is to figure out where to begin. A great place to start is to contact us for a free consultation. Even if you do not choose to engage us for services we can often times point you in the right direction.  And, we can provide a Medicaid Resource Area Guide, which will provide you with phone numbers, websites and other valuable information that can help answer your questions.

Medicaid Crisis Planning

A Medicaid crisis situation can often occur when an individual is admitted to a nursing home or is about to be admitted but does not meet the Medicaid eligibility requirements. If an application is incorrectly submitted the individual who is in need can suffer a significant setback due to the penalty period. The penalty period will prevent the individual from qualifying for a specific term. Although it is always better to pre-plan before this situation, it is often difficult to plan for every situation. We can help by providing you solutions to help qualify the individual sooner or find an option to cover the costs of health care during the penalty period.

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Real Estate

Real estate permeates all facets of our practice – business, civil litigation and elder law – and permeates nearly all facets of our lives as well! Our offices have represented both purchasers and sellers in real estate transactions from multi-million dollar commercial acquisitions to the purchases of first homes.

Eminent Domain

Eminent domain is the process by which the government takes private property to serve a public purpose, sometimes also referred to as condemnation. In turn, the government must pay the private party full compensation. The government, whether it is federal, state or local, may do this for a variety of purposes, including new construction projects. Our firm represents the private parties whose property is being taken. Specifically, our firm assists with three important parts of the process –planning (maximizing your voice), negotiating (maximizing your property’s value) and litigation (maximizing your chances). In certain circumstances, the government will be required to pay for your attorneys’ fees and costs.

Real Estate and Personal Sales

Perry Law has represented both purchasers and sellers in both residential and commercial transactions. As such, we understand the issues that are present for both sides and how to negotiate to a mutually beneficial resolution. Our offices also have experience selling or transferring associated personal property including fixtures, leases and trade fixtures as part of the real estate package.

Tangential Issues

Real estate can often branch into a number of tangential issues. For instance, protecting one’s rights in a divorce or probate proceeding might affect title. It can relate to interpreting legal descriptions, which may in turn relate to interpreting maps or surveys. It can also relate to understanding a title commitment or policy, as described further below.


One of, if not the most, important aspect to a purchase is insuring that you have clean title to the property. Perry Law can assist in going from a title commitment to a proper title policy by ensuring that requirements are met and as many exceptions are cleared as possible. We can also help ensure the proper amount of coverage is gained by reviewing endorsements. Perry Law has registered agents with The Attorney’s Title Insurance Fund, Inc. of Florida.

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