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Liability for Other Golfers in Your Group

Published On: December 10th, 2013 | Author: Perry Law, P.C. | Category: News

A New Jersey court recently issued an opinion “slicing” golfer liability, here is an excerpt from the article from

We all have that one golfing buddy who can’t seem to hit a single straight shot and always requires a baker’s dozen worth of mulligans. But thanks to a recent ruling by a New Jersey Superior Court judge, only the golfer hitting the ball is responsible for yelling “fore!” for errant shots.

Last week Judge Thomas Vena of the Essex County Superior Court dismissed claims against two members of a threesome who kept quiet while the third took a mulligan that struck and injured another player.

In Corino v. Duffy, Judge Vena held in his summary judgment ruling that even if the bystanders agreed to allow the mulligan, “it is the state of mind and conduct of the actor that is essential to a finding of recklessness. . . the co-defendants’ respective mental states is irrelevant.”

Judge Vena’s ruling is significant in that it has now clearly defined that the duty to notify bystanders of wild shots does not extend beyond the golfer swinging the club. But just how did Judge Vena arrive at his conclusion?

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